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What are Koozies and How to Customize Your Layout and Artwork

The general description of a koozie is that of a stubby holder made of fabric or foam sleeve of which the design is intended to give thermal insulation of a beverage container like a bottle or a can. Read more about Blank Koozies at You can actually customize your own koozies, and what we will describe here will focus on a typical foam sleeve that would fit to a 12 ounce can.

Typically, foam koozies are imprinted on the area at around 3 1/4 inches high by 3 1/4 width for one side. When writing text or submitting an artwork, it is important that you ensure to fit it within the mentioned area. If you wish to add your own design at the backside, you may do also as you like.

One guideline in creating artwork for the imprinted koozies is not to submit your art with jagged edges or has shade and colors in it. It is said to use just black and white coloring as the best thing to do it. Just like in any form of screen printing, it is best to use an adobe illustrator and submit a file of if you have the ability to create it.But if submission of , it is advisable to use a true BMP or TIP file, or like in other companies using corel draw If you are uncertain of your artwork, you can always submit if before ordering to check its suitability.

Another advice is that you do not just follow images off from the internet like clipart galleries since the resolutions of these are very low and will not work on the koozies you will imprint. In today's world of the internet when practically everything can be sourced out, there are many online shops with created artwork that you can select from. To get more info, click koozies for embroidery. Some are said to even take your drawing and create it within an adobe illustrator. This will cost you a little more but might be worth it or better for you.

As soon as you have your design all ready to go, you can then go to the website of the koozies and place your order. Have ready also your color schemes and decide how many colors you prefer. Usually, if there are some concerns about your artwork, there will be an email or phone call that you will receive. Thus you can see that it is really easy to imprint your own koozies.Learn more from

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